Keytracker Inventory Computer: $ 499 each

A straight forward Financial Inventory Calculator. Just turn it on and start counting.

Large 4 line X 20 character display
Full-Size keys for maximum data entry speed
512KB data memory for total recall of entry details for up to 40,000 records
Up to 10,000 Sections and 10,000 Categories
Over two hours data integrity when batteries are removed.
Calculate cost as a percentage of retail, partial quantities or each price determined from case price

A PC reporting software is included with free lifetime upgrades via the web.
Windows-XP, Vista, Win-7, Win-8 and Windows-10 compatible..


Barcode Scanner

Laser Barcode Scanner: $ 299 each

A great mix of price and performance. This durable scanner can be configured by scanning barcodes in the manual or use a free PC software application that can save and restore various configurations.


Waistemount Belt

Replacement Belt set. $ 20 each

A 1 1/2 inch wide by 48 inch long belt Includes carabiner clips, split rings and home-key bumpon stickers.




ScanShark-Keytracker Keyswitches

Replacement Keyswitches for the ScanShark or Keytracker Inventory Computers.
Bag of 50: $ 100

Note: soldering skills and minor mechanical skills are required for replacement

ScanShark-Keytracker Keycaps

ScanShark or Keytracker Keycaps. $ 40.00 per set.



Replacement Keyboards for I-Cal 100R, DC 2.5 or DC 5.0

Clone Keyboard for I-Cal 100R, DC 2.5 or DC 5.0.
$ 199 each

When ordering, please specify model.

Better than the originals. By using a superior quality keyswitch and a keycap leveling mechanism for the larger keycaps, the life span increases significantly. Double-Shot keycaps ensure long wear.

Superior keyswitches feel better and operate faster than the original keyboards resulting in less user fatigue and faster keyboard entry.


Replacement Keyswitches for I-Cal 100R, DC 2.5 or DC 5.0

Replacement Keyswicthes for I-Cal 100R, DC 2.5 or DC 5.0:
Bag of 50: $ 100

Note-1: Minor soldering and mechanical skills are required.
Note-2: These keyswitches have a shorter travel and are quicker than the original keyswitches.
The travel and feel of the original keyswitches can be replicated by trimming the flange (instructions are included).


Replacement Keycaps for I-Cal 100R, DC 2.5 or DC 5.0

Blank (no legend) keycaps to fit the I-Cal 100R, DC 2.5 or DC 5.0.
$ 4 each

Specify Single or Double-Wide keycaps.

Sorry, I-Cal 100R "0" key is unavailable.


All prices are quoted USD plus shipping, handling and insurance.


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